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Sep / 07

4 Tips on Planning An Eco-Friendly Event

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4 Tips on Planning An Eco-Friendly Event

From human effort to physical materials, events consume a lot of resources. If you’re growing concerned about the impact your event is making on the environment, here are some small but significant steps towards a greener event.

As one of Dubai’s top event companies, and one of the leading event production agencies in the Middle East and Africa, here are some tips we recommend when planning an environmentally sustainable event.

Offer your guests an eco-efficient transport solution

Join forces with a public transportation partner like the RTA, Uber, or Careem if you’re hosting an event in a remote location. Your guests will appreciate the convenience of being chauffeured to the event, and organizing a carpool will also minimize the amount of fuel used to get to and from the event. Win win.

Nip food waste in the bud

People eat with their eyes first so order accordingly. Overloading the buffet will not only adversely affect your wallet but will have a negative impact on the environment too. Food waste is a major problem in the UAE so get ahead of the curve and nip the issue in the bud when organizing your next event. Apply a zero-waste approach to water too by offering your guests filtered water instead of single-use plastic bottles.

Minimize single-use supplies at your event

Plates. Cutlery. Coffee cups. Paper napkins. Paper, in general. Save yourself some pocket change by ditching these environmentally noxious supplies. Instead, opt for sustainable solutions that can either be recycled or reused. This could be a subtly unique element that will get your guests talking about your event. If single-use material is essential to your event, ensure there are suitable recycling bins too.

Thank your guests for attending with digital giveaways

Sending your guests home empty-handed can be a good thing! Instead of the usual goodie back weighed down with a USB, branded lanyard, and pen – send your guest an engaging email containing all the information the USB would have contained. Given the number of events your guest attends on a regular basis, physical giveaways are more likely to end up clogging a landfill instead of on their desks.

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