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Aug / 31

3 Tips for Organizing A Successful Product Launch

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3 Tips for Organizing A Successful Product Launch

Got a brilliant product? Announce it with a brilliant bang!

As one of the top event management companies in Dubai, The Event Production Company has a decade of rich international experience supporting clients with a variety of events – from corporate events to product launches. Give your product the launch it deserves by weaving these tips into your event plans.

Design a tempting pre-launch teaser campaign

Peak your audience’s attention with a creative teaser campaign. Whether it’s bite-sized teasers on social media or physical deliveries to your guest’s doorsteps.

Your event needs to make an impression weeks before it actually takes place. Stir up some hype over social media and engage your database with regular newsletters too. Create a unique hashtag that will loop in people that won’t be attending the event but are still interested in it. This way you aren’t limiting your product and event’s visibility to a local audience, you’re making virtual ripples internationally.

Make sure your event has a “people magnet”

Your product may not be enough of an incentive for people to attend the launch event. To ensure you’ve got a full house at your product launch, give people a reason to pencil you into their busy schedule. Presenter advertising could come in handy here – who wouldn’t want to go to an event that a celebrity was attending?

Arrange for a celebrity to attend your event, a social media influencer will also do, especially if you’re targeting a millennial demographic. If the product launch is a corporate event, ask your event agency to organize a panel of industry experts to draw in a swarm of media and industry professionals.

Focus the spotlight on more than just the product

Linking back to the previous point, while your product is in the limelight, your event owes its attendees a memorable experience. Put together an event schedule that guests can look forward to. It could feature entertainment, educational workshops, inspiring panel sessions, and delicious finger food never goes amiss either.

Turn a room full of strangers into acquaintances by making small talk easier for them. A stimulating event schedule will give them something to talk about and will, in turn, make your product and its event something that is being talked about.

The Event Production Company is an award-winning event management agency that specializes in Live Events, Employee Engagement, Exhibitions and Conference Management throughout the Middle East and Africa.

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