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Sep / 21

3 Secrets of Intelligent Brand Messaging At Your Event

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3 Secrets of Intelligent Brand Messaging At Your Event

Intelligent brand messaging is what sets your event or product apart from its competitors. Brand messaging is how you make an impression – by stimulating all your audience’s senses – from audio to visual. The Event Production Company has several years of experience working on high-profile events in the Middle East and Africa. Here are some tips we have gleaned from our decades on the field.

Keep your event’s brand messaging consistent

Your logo is your business card. Start there. Keeping it simple is where the challenge lies but minimalism is the key to cutting through the noise of competitor brands. When hosting or presenting at an event, ensure all your marketing collateral and branding is consistent and compliments each other. The last thing you want to do is confuse your audience by making a splash but leaving no ripples.

From our logo to the brand colours of our website, The Event Production Company strives to keep its branding and brand tone of voice consistent and complementary. Details like this that make us one of the top event management companies in Dubai.

Embrace the power of social media before and at your event

Get your brand’s name out there and keep your audience in the know on social media. Keep them hooked with a slow reveal. If you’re a small business owner on a tight budget, social media will save your event a significant amount of money.

It’s possible to create a buzz about your event without investing in expensive digital campaigns, radio spots, promotional partnerships, and outdoor advertising. Keep your content clean, concise, and relevant to watch the interest come flocking in. When promoting yourself at an event, give your audience a unique hashtag they can follow even if they are not physically attending the event.

Accumulate a sufficient budget to promote your event

If you want your event to be a success, you have to invest in it. Events can take unexpected turns at the last minute and your budget should be able to accommodate these sudden shortcomings. You have to awaken your inner pragmatist when planning an event. Your brand is the quality of experience your guests receive at your event, from the registration counter to the very end.

The Event Production Company is an award-winning event management agency that specializes in Live Events, Employee Engagement, Exhibitions and Conference Management throughout the Middle East and Africa.

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