Drive Experience

Drive experiences through hands-on events. The Event Production Company delivers automotive events driven to new heights – from press launches, dealer training to corporate experiences.

Sean Simpson manages our drive experience division which is a network of independent, international and professional racing drivers and instructors, male and female, based in the United Arab Emirates.

Our most important resource is maintaining a certified team of skilled instructors that conducts on-site, advanced, driver safety training programs, customer exercises and technical product analysis. These dynamic instructors come from diverse backgrounds, with the majority from motorsports, instructional and automotive design or event sectors.

We collaborate with you to plan and produce your automotive event, whether it is a launch, dealer training or corporate experience – on-road, off-road or track.

Below are further details of how we could assist you:

• Design of drive activities and handling exercises – on-road, track and off-road
• Route planning
• Technical product and dealer training
• Vehicle testing (all weather) – new, upgraded or prototype – on-road, off-road and track
• Tyre testing on road and track
• Precision driving (film work including advisory)
• Driver development and track tuition

• 1-on-1 race tuition
• 1-on-1 track day tuition
• Fleet advancement and driver safety tuition
• Defensive driving tuition
• Evasive driving tuition
• Driver safety and young driver education
• Indirect sales consultation

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